Mobile Ecommerce on the rise

79% of British consumers expect to use their mobile phones for shopping by 2014.

£275 million expected to be spent through mobile phones by 2013.

As retailers struggle to make ends meet, mobile ecommerce is providing a glimmer of hope. According to recent research, more users are prepared to use a  smartphone to purchase goods from websites, with sales from mobile users expected to grow to 5% of online retail spending.  Retailers need to wake up to this new channel of potential revenue by ensuring their mobile sites are not just styled versions of their main sites.  Retails need to consider the easy of use from a mobile device, including tablets, and provide functionality that aids the user to buy.

As with any ecommerce business, a secure and stable managed server infrastructure is require to meet this growth. There’s little point spending £10000′s on web development just for the site to be unavailable. Cheap hosting isn’t cheap in the long run.

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