ForLinux proudly presents: The Classic Bikers Club Network

In 2011 we were approached by Mortons Media Group Ltd to help create a solution to handle over 100 years of historic content from their various publications. Today, we are delighted to announce that the Classic Bikers Club Network has launched (

This collaboration made best use of the talent and expertise existing within both companies, utilising the in house design and layout talent from Mortons, and the data-led, high-volume solutions provided by ForLinux.

The highly customised end solution powers multiple websites which have the ability to share both content and users between them. It is also the driving force behind the domain, the hub around which everything revolves. This hub provides a centralised location for content, and will help build a community for the hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts that regularly read Mortons Media’s classic bike publications.

Contact us on if you require a solution which lets you make best use of your data regardless of size or volume.

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