Cpanel 11.32

Yesterday saw the release of cpanel 11.32. The new control panel has had the following improvements added:

  • Mail Queue Manager
  • The ability to take action on multiple messages of the user’s choice.
  • The ability to search the mail queue and take action on the results
  • Mail Delivery Reports – cPanel, WHM, and webmail users can now easily search and troubleshoot through their mail tracking data and metrics with this enhanced message tracking feature.
  • Users can search, sort and filter all mail reports on email accounts they own with just a few clicks.
  • Users can conduct basic troubleshooting from cPanel, WHM, and/or Webmail interfaces.
  • Multiple message filtering options available.
  • DKIM – DKIM allows you to associate a domain with an email message, verifying that the email comes from the domain that signs the message. cPanel & WHM has long provided DKIM validation for incoming mail. With the 11.32 release, cPanel & WHM can sign outgoing messages.
  • Improved email rate limiting
  • New exim configuration editor
  • Statistics now has a new tool in the form of Logaholic
  • Mysql 5.5 is now supported
  • MyDNS-NG Support
  • Better management of files via the cPanel file manager interface
  • Reduced memory overhead for cphulk, cpsrvd, and cpdavd when idle

So as you can see, notable changes and improvements to help you manage your accounts. More details can be found in the release notes

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