PHP 5.4 Released

Last week saw the release of PHP 5.4. The new version has had the following improvements added:

  • New language syntax including Traits, shortened array syntax and more
  • Improved performance and reduced memory consumption
  • Support for multibyte languages now available in all builds of PHP at the flip of a runtime switch
  • Built-in webserver in CLI mode to simplify development workflows and testing
  • Cleaner code base thanks to the removal of multiple deprecated language features
  • Many more improvements and fixes

Also, the following compatibility changes were made:

  • Register globals, magic quotes and safe mode were removed
  • The break/continue $var syntax was removed
  • The ini option allow_call_time_pass_reference was removed
  • The PHP default_charset is now “UTF-8″ within the distributed php.ini files, but still defaults to “”


A full list of changes can be found in the changelog at

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