Implementing Google Analytics With Drupal in 10 minutes

Google analytics provides a wealth of information about the users who visit your website.

If your site is built in Drupal I would highly recommend enabling this functionality, even if you’re not interested in SEO. It can be really interesting seeing the statistics that can be generated, such as the country of origin of the people who are visiting your site, how people are finding your site – ie what search terms people type in to be directed to your site – and which parts of your site people are most interested in.

This and lots more information can be switched on in 10 minutes.

Step 1. Download and enable the google analytics module

Step 2. Signup for google analytics and make a note of your ID which is a UA-xxxxxxxxx number.

Step 3. Go to and enter the web property Id in general settings then click save configuration.





And that’s it! google analytics is now enabled on your website.

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