Database Solutions

Continuous operations and improved performance.

  • Automatic master failover with Multi-site and disaster recovery
  • Zero-downtime upgrades
  • Replicate from MySQL to Oracle enterprise apps
  • Load-balancing: spread SQL query load automatically across multiple data copies


Customer Success Stories

Tungsten Replicator was awarded "MySQL Application of The Year 2011" at the MySQL user conference and has already attracted many instantly recognisable customers, for example AstraZeneca, at&t, Samsung, Sony Music, Thomson Reuters, Juniper Networks, to name just a few.

"With Continuent Tungsten there is no down time" Phil Fernandez, CEO, Marketo

"We have deployed Tungsten Enterprise in our data centres worldwide. " Arto Hakola, Senior Systems Architect, F-Secure

"High availability and data integrity are essential to our business. " James Welsh , Digital Technology Director and co-founder of Digital Spy , Hearst Magazines UK

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Tungsten Enterprise

  • 24x7 access to data
  • Recover immediately from hardware and software failures
  • All major operations accessible via single commands or button clicks
  • High throughput and resource utilisation
  • No application changes or migration

Tungsten Replicator

  • Tungsten parallel replication boosts MySQL replication performance up to 5X
  • Replicate data in real time from MySQL and Oracle, and also from Oracle to MySQL
  • Tungsten moves between MySQL and Oracle in real time and without application changes
  • Aggregate data from multiple masters into a single slave
  • Tungsten moves data required for reporting and data aggregation from multiple masters into a slave
  • Example: aggregate data from your branch offices into a reporting server