Private Cloud

A Private Cloud Hosting solution is one dedicated to a single client, comprising multiple dedicated servers, where you have full control of the virtual server environment. The perfect Cloud Hosting solution for when security is a concern.

Private cloud server

What is a Private Cloud?

A Private Cloud is a cloud hosting solution dedicated to a single client. A Private cloud hosting solution comprises multiple dedicated servers with either access to a SAN (Shared Area Network) or a dedicated SAN. Each private hosting cloud has control over its own virtualisation software management console (Xen Essentials). This gives you the ability to create, modify or destroy virtual servers as you choose.

How does a Private Cloud work?

After consultation to discuss your current and future business requirements, ForLinux set up the physical hardware environment which would consist of a number of high specification physical servers, internal network switching, Storage Area Network (SAN) and private (VPN/SSH)/ public Internet access. Once complete, the software which controls the cloud hosting solution (called a Hypervisor) will be installed. To manage the private cloud servers an additional piece of software is required – the control centre. From the control centre you can add, delete, resize, shutdown, start up, backup and restore your private cloud servers on demand.

Private Cloud Hosting Example

Here is an example of a private cloud hosting solution. The physical hardware provides a hosted environment for many virtual servers which can be modified on demand. Access is controlled via a hardware firewall.

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