Upgrade Options

The managed hosting solution you receive from ForLinux is the very best providing you with Confidence, Assurance, Reliability and Experts on demand. However, your solution is unique and to cater for this a range of upgrades are available.

Server Hardware

Server Hardware

Your dedicated server may require an upgrade because of increased website traffic or installation of new applications. Perhaps you require larger hard disks to store additional information.

  • CPU
  • RAM 
  • Hard Drive Capacity or speed

See more information on hardware

Server monitoring

Server Monitoring

All Managed Hosting packages include Pulse Monitoring, providing critical port monitoring for server availability and server utilisation for pre-emptive fault diagnostics.

For in-depth trend analysis or web page speed checks, Pulse+ is available. Pulse+ is able to check individual pages of your website and report errors with page speeds or content, giving you increased reassurance that your web application is running well.

Server Security

Server Security

As Certified Ethical Hackers, ForLinux have inside knowledge on how to protect your most valuable asset – your data. From a full Penetration Test to a quarterly PCI scan, ForLinux have the skills to protect you. Review the Security page for more details.

ForLinux can also offer PCI DSS hosting solutions that meet the strict requirements of PCI DSS accreditation.

Server management

Server Management

Enterprise Server Management extends the scope of the support to include additional software and monitoring, allowing you to delegate complete responsibility for your Internet application infrastructure to a professional, procedure driven, focussed team of experts. See the Server Management page for full details.

Server backups

Server Back ups

Every year, unrecoverable data loss costs businesses millions of pounds. More than ever it’s vital to have a managed data backup process in place to preserve your data,maintain its integrity and reduce your business risk.

ForLinux offers two main backup and recovery strategies. Daily server snapshots are included as part of the Managed Hosting package. Weekly Full and Daily Incremental Backups are recommended for complex or mission critical solutions.