Server Security

As Certified Ethical Hackers, ForLinux have inside knowledge on how to protect your most value asset – data. From a full Penetration Test to a quarterly PCI scan, ForLinux have the skills to protect you.

As Certified Ethical Hackers, ForLinux have the inside knowledge on how to protect your most valuable asset - Data.
Our portfolio covers the critical security areas: physical, system and data.
Physical Security

  • All data centres feature 24×7 security systems.
  • 24×7×365 monitoring by on-site personnel to include verification of all persons entering the building.
  • CCTV video camera surveillance throughout.
  • Security breach alarms.
  • Biometric scanning.

System Security

  • Minimal Linux Distribution. ForLinux will install the applications you need for your solution to operate most effectively – without installing any unwanted and unneeded programs that could be a potential source of security issues.
  • Default Security Policy. After consultation with the client, ForLinux will apply its default security policy. This security policy will provide perimeter defence against ’script kiddies’ looking for an easy way into your dedicated server.
  • Monthly patch updates or same day critical security updates.
  • Dedicated Hardware or Software firewalls.

Data Protection

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protected helpdesk system.
  • Data Protection with ForLinux managed back-ups (where purchased).
  • SSH Key authentication with passphrase login.
  • Free ForLinux security scan.
  • Disaster recovery procedures.
  • Curious to know how good your current server security is?
  • Then take us up on our Free Security Scan of your server(s) and we’ll tell you! Our security scan is totally non-intrusive and will not affect your site or server in any way. Once completed, we will email you the results and discuss our recommendations for security improvement. 
  • To discuss your security requirements, please contact our team on , email or complete and submit the contact form.