Server Back ups

Every year, unrecoverable data loss costs businesses millions of pounds. More than ever it’s vital to have a managed data backup process in place to preserve your data, maintain its integrity and reduce your business risk.

Back up and Recovery

Every year, unrecoverable data loss costs businesses millions of pounds. ForLinux managed back up provides -

  • Reduced business risk
  • Increased confidence in business continuity
  • Reassurance that we use consistent and repeatable processes, backed up by our ISO 27001 / 9001 accreditation

ForLinux offers two main back up and recovery strategies. Daily Server Snapshots are included as part of the Managed Dedicated Server package. Weekly Full and Daily Incremental Back ups are recommended for complex or mission critical solutions.

Daily Server Snapshots

The Daily Server Snapshot is ideal for server recovery purposes as it provides the fastest data recovery possible. With this strategy, all essential system files and data directories are copied once per day. The Daily Server Snapshot executes overnight and will overwrite the existing Server Snapshot. Therefore, a file deleted at 3pm would not be available to restore on the following day. 10GB of back up space is reserved for your Daily Server Snapshot. Additional space can be purchased if needed.

Weekly full back ups + daily incremental back ups

With this strategy, a full back up of all essential files and data directories is performed one day a week. Every six days thereafter, an incremental back up is performed on the same set of files/directories. Each daily incremental back up only backs up the files and directories that have been modified since your last back up – regardless of whether it was a full back up or not. This means that a file that is modified the day after your full back up will be backed up only once per week unless it is modified again before the next full back up.

When data recovery is required with an incremental strategy, up to seven back up sets may be needed to restore all of your important data – the latest full back up set plus every individual incremental back up set that occurred after the weekly full back up. This makes a full data recovery somewhat slow because the data required to perform a full recovery needs to be extracted from up to seven individual back up sets. 10GB of backup space is reserved for your weekly full back up. Additional space can be purchased if needed.