Emergency Support

Got a Linux, Apache or MySQL problem? Get immediate access to ForLinux technical support to fix your problem. Skilled technical support is just a telephone call away.

You've searched Google. You've rebooted. You've phoned a friend and yet it still does not work! Now it's time to call ForLinux.

The ForLinux Emergency Support service provides you with access to ForLinux expert technicians by telephone. You can explain your problem and a technician will be able to help. Support is normally provided by remote access, however in certain circumstances when this is not possible an onsite visit can be arranged.

Emergency support is available for -

  • Linux OS – System Commands, Users and Group Management, file permissions, software installations, file system failures, log files,crontab management, system services, performance management, security, network services (NTP,DNS,DHCP,FTP), software management, crash recovery, crash diagnostics, printer management, boot processes.
  • SAMBA – Installation, configuration, user and group management, troubleshooting.
  • Apache Web Server support – Installation, building, module installation, configuration files (httpd, ssl, vhosts, htaccess), SSL Certificates, error logs, php integration, performance issues, load testing, clustering, load balancing, forward proxy, reverse proxy, mod_rewrite, mod_security, not starting, not responding, redirects, aliases.
  • MySQL Server support – Installation, building, configuration, stress testing, load testing, clustering, replication, troubleshooting, hosting, optimising, administration, backup, migrations.

You do not need a support contract to in order to access ForLinux expert support. However, we cannot guarentee immediate action as our support contract clients take precedence over emergency support. But, under normal circumstances we would be able to accomodate you.

If you feel you have wasted enough time already, call ForLinux on for professional assistance.



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March, 2013