Server Hardware

ForLinux only uses the best hardware suppliers in order to reduce potential service failures. During the last five years we have used Dell and HP servers as the hardware platform of choice.

ForLinux only uses the best hardware suppliers to sustain our commitment to 100% uptime.

All our approved hardware manufacturers have proven to have the reliability and stability demanded by ForLinux and our clients. For server hardware, ForLinux only use Dell or HP who continue to improve the performance of their servers by using the most up-to-date technologies. This provides the excellent performance and capacity for growth that our clients require.

For Cloud storage ForLinux use NetApp. NetApp® systems provide a powerful range of technologies and features based on Data ONTAP® to help increase storage utilisation and the efficiency of your system and storage administrators.

Unlike our competitors, ForLinux do not re-use old equipment, we use the latest energy efficient hardware to reduce the Carbon Footprint of each server.

Hardware Upgrade Options:

CPU: For virtual server and cloud server solutions CPUs can be dynamically increased providing flexibility when needing to scale.

RAM: As traffic increases or your application becomes more complex, low memory will cause your server to slow down. This is due to the server “swapping” to virtual memory which is disk based. Increasing the RAM will improve performance by removing the need for swapping. On a virtual server and cloud server solution this can be dynamically increased.

Hard Drive: Your solution may require additional hard disk space. On a virtual server and cloud server solution this can be dynamically increased. For dedicated servers, upgrading hard drives will involve a migration. Hard drive speeds may also be causing problems. I/O bottlenecks can cause servers to become sluggish as the CPU waits for the disk to catch up. Hard drive upgrades to faster SAS drives are an option.

How important is server performance to your business?

Critically, should be your answer! If your server is not up to spec and / or not configured properly, then you could be losing thousands of pounds in revenue and severely affecting the long term loyalty of your online customers. Call us on to discuss your server needs, receive invaluable advice in making the right hardware choice and to compare our very competitive prices.