Linux Support Blocks

You don't have to be hosted with ForLinux to benefit from our expert level Linux Support service. Our Linux Support solutions provide invaluable backup when traditional technical support is slow to respond or is inadequately skilled.

We have many clients who use our support services to supplement that which they get from their existing hosting providers (including some very well known names), or even their in-house technical teams. We have over 10 years experience in this field and are the UK's leading Linux Support company.

In order to give you the greatest flexibility, you can purchase support as a group of hours, to cover a particular task each month, or to cover all your Linux server administration tasks. Support blocks allow you to control costs and increase flexibility as the hours purchased can be used on one or more servers and are not tied to an individual server.

We pride ourselves on the fact that the quality of our support is second to none but don't just take our word for it, here are a some quotes from a few of our happy customers;

ForLinux are really customer-focused. Our satisfaction is generally what they seem to be after, which is rare these days.
We have used ForLinux for over 7 years and have always been impressed with their knowledge and speed of response.
Thanks for your help on this guys, you were extremely fast to look into it and you found the problem much quicker than I could have.
ForLinux, provides a great service that we have used for the last four years. Their personal service and availability are two of the best things for us.
With ForLinux, we’ve got professionals who know what they’re doing, so we don’t have to employ those people; we can concentrate on what we’re good at, and we then use them to hold our hand and advise us. That leaves us to focus on our business.

When your systems are business critical you want assurance that your technical support provider understands what this means to you and your clients and understands the value of resolving technical issues as quickly as possible, time after time.

To discuss how we could help you with your Linux support requirements, to provide a cost effective alternative for replacement of expert level technician resignations or to allow you to test and develop Linux solutions before your in-house team are up to speed technically, call for a no obligation chat and to explore your options. Alternatively, complete our contact form and we will call you!

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March, 2013