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We offer tailored training packages to help clients get the most from their server. Choose from a range of modules across three different levels to build the training package that is right for your organisation.

The recent economic downturn is only proving to spur on Linux and Open Source Solutions – is your company ready for the next challenge?  Linux is one of only four IT skills that has seen a continued rise in demand for two consecutive quarters, according to a
As demand for up to date Linux skills continues to rise, now is the time to take action and training enables you to secure and grow your in-house skill set. ForLinux offer Linux training courses specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of your organisation. We offer a fast and easy way for you to build the Linux and Open Source knowledge within your company.
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Linux Training Courses

ForLinux can provide Linux Training courses from Introductory level through to Advanced Skills courses.  We also run courses designed for specific groups, such as Web Designers, which have been tailored to provide training in the relevant areas. All our courses provide delegates with a solid, all round, distribution-neutral knowledge. You will benefit from a mix of theory and practical application to build & expand your working knowledge of the Linux operating system.

Our modular training programme allows you to select the topics to be included in your training course. Modules include but are not restricted to the following:

Introductory level Basic level Intermediate level Advanced level & Web developer
History of Linux System Architecture User interfaces & desktops File sharing
File system structure & use of path names Linux installation & package management Essential system services Network client management
Command syntax searching & sorting GNU & Unix commands Network fundamentals E-mail services
Command execution & file manipulation Devices, Linux file-systems Security System security
The vi editor File-system hierarchy standard Linux kernal Troubleshooting
Filter and pipe utilities   Domain name server Introduction to file systems layout
Multi-tasking   File systems & devices Introduction to services
The shell environment   Advanced storage device administration Using the command line
Shell variables   Network configuration Using VIM
User to user communication facilities   Shells, scripting & data management  


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ForLinux Training Style

Not only are our trainers certified instructors, they are also daily-users of Linux placing them at the forefront of all the latest industry developments,changes and troubleshooting updates. You can be confident that you will receive the most up to date and industry relevant, Linux training available.

At ForLinux we know that everybody learns in different ways and at a different pace. Our training programme has been designed with plenty of variety to maximise your learning potential. Our trainers use a mix of visual and auditory techniques as well as lots of practical application to ensure you have a complete “hands on” training experience.

As a ForLinux training delegate you can expect to receive the highest standards of Linux training including:

    * Intensive, Instructor-led learning
    * Customised course material
    * Small learning group giving tailored support to your individual needs
    * Mix of practical and theory sessions
    * After training support and guidance

To discuss your company specific requirements and for help tailoring your custom-built, Linux training programme, contact the ForLinux Training team now on .



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March, 2013