Media Server - File Server

Delivery, availability and performance are three key metrics to a successful online campaign. Media files are generally large and without the required network bandwidth could take several minutes to reach the end user.

Media server - File server

Solutions for delivering web 2.0 media such as video, audio and images require an infrastructure that can deliver -

o Bandwidth
o Performance
o Availability
o Storage

Bandwidth : Media files are generally large and without the required network bandwidth, may take several minutes to reach the end user. In order to deliver the best end-user experience, large dedicated network bandwidth is required. With ForLinux you can have a dedicated gigabit network feed, to ensure your files are delivered speedily and enhance user experience.

Performance : User patience can be fickle, and if your website doesn't deliver information within a few seconds the user may well decide to try elsewhere. ForLinux will advise on the best solution for rapid and effective delivery of your website content to your end users thereby enhancing your chances of winning business over your competitors.

Availability : A broken media campaign can be far more damaging than no campaign at all. Separation of the server roles removes a single point of failure and increases performance of the solution.

Storage : Its often difficult to predict your storage requirements for next month or year. That's why ForLinux offer a range of storage options including fixed local storage, shared Storage Area Network (SAN) and dedicated Storage Area Network (dSAN), supported by technical expertise to help you decide which is best for your business.

The scenario above shows a basic set up with a hardware firewall filtering unwanted traffic, a Flash media server controlling the media streaming, a web server for the dynamic and static content, a file server to store the media files and a database for the dynamic aspects of the solution.




Included with all Complex multi server solutions:

  • Full server and application support
  • 100% Network uptime
  • 100Mbps Bandwidth
  • Multiple IP addresses
  • Patching & Security updates
  • Full Root access
  • Server performance report


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