Server Patching

Dedicated Server patching is a task that, with many suppliers, is often forgotten, ignored or has a low priority. But it is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your server and we take pride in providing comprehensive patching services.

Server patching is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your server and for providing the latest stable versions of software installed.

Server patching comprises

  • Fixing security issues
  • Resolving software bugs 
  • Providing feature enhancements.

There are two methods of patching – automatic or manual. ForLinux patch servers manually as this ensures the most effective and protective outcome for our clients.

Manual patching is performed as and when required, allowing us to control what is installed and updated. In addition it means we are aware of your configuration changes and take those into account when patching is performed. As manual patching is performed by a skilled and qualified ForLinux technician, it is done during the day. This allows us to monitor the patching closely and have all resources on hand should a problem occur.

Automatic patching is performed by the system on a daily basis, generally overnight. The problem with this form of patching is that you are not controlling what is installed and updated on your server. This is a very general approach as the patches are presumed to be for “clean” installs. If you have made any changes to the configuration, these changes could be removed as part of a patching process. Many of our customers who had previously been hosted by our competitors report instances where automatic patching caused major services not to start. And as these happen overnight the first you know about it is when sales orders have stopped or your clients are calling!

Why run the risk?

If your current managed hosting or support provider performs automatic patching you are putting your dedicated servers and business at risk. Don’t run the risk of losing money and customer loyalty – call us today on to find out how we can improve and protect your server’s performance!