Support SLA

  • Clear & predetermined service levels – everyone knows what to expect
  • Retain control of the support you receive
  • Confidence in our ability to deliver the service you require

At ForLinux, we take our commitment to client care and exceptional service provision very seriously.  We provide a Service Level Agreement that covers our support response times.

Software and Support

We guarantee a response in accordance with the table below -

Priority Description Response Time
Critical The entire server is 'down' & inaccessible. All users affected. As soon as reasonably practical and in any event within 30 minutes during Support Hours.
High Operation of the Services is severely degraded, or major components of the Service are not operational and work cannot reasonably continue owing to a hardware or software failure. More than 20 users are affected. Within 2 hours during the Support Hours.
Medium Certain non-essential features of the service are impaired or subject to periodic interruptions while most major components of the Service remain functional. More than 10 users but less than 20 users are affected. Within 8 hours during the Support Hours.
Low Errors that are non-disabling or cosmetic and clearly have little to or impact on the normal operation of the Services. Between 1 and 10 users affected. Within 24 hours during the Support Hours.

We think you deserve the best! Our service level agreements are second to none and ensure you get to speak to a highly skilled Linux only technician who is fully committed to keeping your business online. Call us today on , email or complete the contact form on the right and let’s work together.