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Open Data Centre Alliance extends its reach

Thu, 21/04/2011

The Open Data Centre Alliance has announced the latest developments in its quest to introduce a Usage Model Roadmap to guide the future decisions taken across the globe concerning data centre usage.

As an Adopter member, ForLinux is able to keep abreast of the latest developments which impact the industry, and therefore the company's client base, as well as contributing to the development of the Usage Model Roadmap to ensure the views of SME's are represented.

The Open Data Centre Alliance, an independent IT consortium made up from leading global organisations, revealed details regarding the creation of a Solution Provider membership category. This category is aimed at providers of hardware and software for data centre and cloud environments and ForLinux intends to become a member, once the details are finalised, to further influence developments for our customers.

It is intended that the Solution Provider category will extend the reach of the organisation and encourage providers to contribute and commit to the Alliance's Usage Model Roadmap as a tool to guide their future product planning process.

The organisation also announced the formation of a China work-group chartered to address the challenges of data centres within the China region. This group, headed up by China Life and China Unicom Group, will provide the organisation with vital, region specific input and direction. For further information on the organisation and details on membership, please visit

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