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Small businesses failing to maximise on-line opportunities

Thu, 02/06/2011

A report commissioned by, a not for profit advice site, highlights some concerning trends regarding how well small businesses are taking advantage of on-line retailing.

Over the last six years, the UK has experienced a sustained e-tail boom which has continued to defy economic predictions throughout the recession and to grow steadily year on year. However the report, which was published last month by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), shows that small businesses are failing to take advantage of the new on-line shopping trends and are inevitably losing business to their larger competitors.
Data gathered by YouGov shows that almost half of all small business owners surveyed do not currently make any revenue on-line. Of the businesses that are not utilising the web to generate revenue, 46% of those who took part in the research felt it would not benefit their business to do so and 36% reported that they considered themselves too small to justify the expense involved. have launched a free tool on their website to enable small businesses to quickly and simply assess their adoption of the internet compared to their competitors. The diagnostics test assesses areas such as Listening to customers, Growing your business and Cutting costs, and then provides advice and guidance on the strategies that businesses could adopt to increase their internet usage.

It is essential that small companies have an on-line presence if they want to compete in this growing market. Many businesses still worry that building an on-line environment is too complicated and that they require vast amounts of technical knowledge, however that is not the case. There are thousands of web agencies able to build a website for small businesses using easy-to-manage software, which a non-technical user can then use to update their site quickly and easily. Businesses can then outsource all of their hosting and technical support requirements to a managed hosting provider and not have to worry about any technical aspect of the site again.

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