Client Words

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The level of Linux Server support is very high

The ForLinux team are very knowledgeable and there is always someone who can deal with the problems and errors we incur. I wouldn't dream of hosting my Linux dedicated server alone, without that extra support.

We were originally hosting our dedicated server with another company, where we had a dedicated Colbolt RAQ4 which was fine at the time. However, after a couple of years we started experiencing real problems with security and spam issues. I realised we needed to upgrade our system and decided to investigate the possibility of setting up a fail-over solution at the same time.

Our host at the time recommended that we spoke to ForLinux regarding their fail-over solution. The thing I instantly liked about the ForLinux team was that they did not try to 'sell' to me but rather explained the various solutions that would be suitable for our requirements and the benefits of each. We went ahead with a fail-over solution from ForLinux, who also began providing high level technical support for our dedicated server.

Service Levels

We were very happy with the service levels ForLinux provided, and it made sense to keep all our hosting and support services together, so soon after, we moved our hosting over to ForLinux as well.

We are reasonably technical ourselves and provide first line support to our clients, many of whom are not technical, they run hotels and manage car hire businesses and just want to ring up and deal with people when they have an issue. Our technicians offer first line support however we need a company that can provide technical support on a higher level as and when required and this is where ForLinux come in. I wouldn't dream of hosting my dedicated server alone, without that extra support.

Ticketing system

The ForLinux ticketing systems works very well and when we raise a ticket, the support team usually come back to us very quickly. There is also telephone support available if and when we need to speak to a technician.

The ForLinux team are very knowledgeable and there is always someone who can deal with the problems and errors we incur. Nine out of ten times we can get straight through to a technician and, on the odd occasions when we haven't got straight through, the technician called back within a matter of minutes.


Compared to previous IT Support companies we have dealt with, the level of support ForLinux offer is very high. For me the size of the company is perfect to achieve a consistently high level of service. They are large enough not to be reliant on a few key members of staff but small enough to deliver a personal service, where customers are not just numbers going through to an overseas call centre. Everyone in the company including the reception staff, the accounts department and the help desk staff, are genuinely very helpful, we know them and they know us.

There are many similarities between ForLinux and our company, both in terms of size and the ethics of the company. With ForLinux you know that they are genuinely trying to find the best solutions for your business rather than just trying to sell you the most expensive solution. The size and fit of the company is perfect for us, I trust Steve Nice (Technical Director),I know he isn't going to just sell to me and that trust goes all the way through the company. 

Chris Chaplow, Managing Director,