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Cloud server v dedicated server


Should you host your next application on cloud servers or should you continue to host your application on dedicated servers?  Before answering this question, it is worth defining both Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers.

Cloud Servers are basically virtual servers built on a robust infrastructure. This infrastructure will consist of multiple physical servers, Storage Area Network (SAN) and multi-route switching. The Cloud Server software will be either a Citrix XEN or VMware virtual server. Both these pieces of software allow the provisioning of typical server resources such as RAM, CPU and hard disk space. The virtual server becomes a cloud server by the fact that the combination of hardware and software provide a complete fault tolerant solution with no single point of failure and with the ability of extending resources with the click of the mouse. There are many other features such as server snapshots and quick provisioning.

Dedicated Servers seem antiquated by comparison, having fixed capacity and many single points of failure. However, there is a comfort factor in that you are in sole control of the hardware, software and security. If a vulnerability was discovered in the Cloud Server software that allowed an unauthorised user to capture network traffic, it would compromise every Cloud Server hosted on the same physical hardware.

So, if your current application is running on a dedicated server and you need certainty with high availability, high performance and scalability for your web applications, Cloud Servers are the answer. They deliver a robust, flexible infrastructure to accommodate your current and future business requirements.

ForLinux Cloud Hosting Solutions remove all single points of failure giving 100% total confidence in the hosting solution for you Internet application. Cloud servers are mirrored to a pool of available servers with immediate fail-over and data transparency. All application data is stored on a high performance, secure storage area network.

A complete Linux dedicated server is allocated to you. There is no difference between a Cloud server and a normal dedicated server in terms of functionality and application.

ForLinux offer 3 implementations of Cloud Hosting -

Cloud Server Hosting, Private Cloud Hosting and Hybrid Cloud Hosting.

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