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From how to best plan and execute a server migration through to utilising MySQL replication, this section is full of white papers and best practice guidelines, produced by the experts here at ForLinux to help you get the most from your Linux server.

Installing from Source v package management


This paper provides a step by step guide to installing software from Source as oppose to Package Management. The paper also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each method of installation, as well as explaining some possible pitfalls to avoid.

This paper will explore and contrast the basic principals of installing software by compiling it from source code, versus installation using a package management system. It will also look at the various pros and cons of each method.
Installing software on a Linux system is usually done in one of two ways 1) by manually compiling the source code into a machine-readable format, or 2) installing it as a pre-compiled package using your operating systems package management system.

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