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From how to best plan and execute a server migration through to utilising MySQL replication, this section is full of white papers and best practice guidelines, produced by the experts here at ForLinux to help you get the most from your Linux server.

Magento and Varnish


Magento is a popular Open Source eCommerce package that allows merchants complete control over the look, end user experience and administration of their site. With over a million users worldwide, it is fast becoming considered the de facto solution for online retail. 

 By the very nature of it's flexibility, the internal workings of Magento are quite complex. As sites grow bigger, and more popular, this can lead to slower and slower page load times - unless the server and site code are optimised. One solution is to install a server-side HTTP accelerator, such as Varnish, to cache requests and reduce the number of requests that are processed by your web server.

In this case study we will compare the performance of different server configurations to measure if caching provides any significant speed advantages to our test sites.

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