Magento & Varnish

Magento and Varnish Hosting Solutions which deliver outstanding performance enhancements over traditional Magento installations, backed by ForLinux expert level technical support. A truly magnificent Managed Hosting solution you can trust and rely upon.

Magento & Varnish Solutions

As Magento hosting experts we know that not all Magento installation are suitable for running with Varnish. However, our team of experts can quickly investigate and recommend the best course of action so that you can get the most out of your application.

We have performed extensive solutions testing to further improve our in-house technical support knowledge for the benefit of our customers. We ensure we set up, monitor and maintain your hosting solution to give you the very best in optimisation, scalability, flexibility and performance, day after day.

If you have questions or queries on whether Magento with Varnish will benefit your site performance then Call us now on for a no-obligation discussion and advice on how we can help you get the best possible performance results from your Magento installation.

Download our Magento and Varnish case study here

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