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From how to best plan and execute a server migration through to utilising MySQL replication, this section is full of white papers and best practice guidelines, produced by the experts here at ForLinux to help you get the most from your Linux server.

Password Security July 2012


Every day, lax password security causes untold damage to the data and systems of companies throughout the world. This white-paper sets out some do's and don'ts for the creation of more secure passwords.

Top 5 Tips for 28th November 2011


5 Tips to prepare yourself for the busiest online online shopping day of the year.

Using SPF records


Using SPF records as a form of e-mail validation is a highly effective method of tackling the problem. They are relatively easy to set-up, and just need adding to your existing DNS records. This white paper explains the basic principals behind SPF, and describes how to go about setting up your own records.

Magento and Varnish


Magento is a popular Open Source eCommerce package that allows merchants complete control over the look, end user experience and administration of their site. With over a million users worldwide, it is fast becoming considered the de facto solution for online retail. 

Using your dedicated server as a private cloud - 5 simple tips


5 Simple tips on how best to utilise a dedicated server with cloud server management software, aka a private cloud.

Life without Backups


If you run any sort of business from your website, loss of data can be potentially catastrophic. Data loss can range from the merely inconvenient (e.g. losing an image file), to the loss of critical data such as customer details, sales transactions, etc. And due to the small margins that they operate on, small to medium businesses (SMBs) are often most at risk as a result of data loss.

Best Practises: Development, Testing and Go Live for New and Updated Sites


 Over the past 10 years, we have managed and supported hundreds, if not thousands, of site migrations and new site deployments. The paper presented below aims to share some of our experience, explaining steps and procedures that can help you successfully develop, test and then deploy a web site, while avoiding some of the more common problems often encountered.

Control panels - Webmin v's cPanel


This white paper provides an independent assessment of the two popular web based control panels, Webmin and cPanel. By comparing factors including usability, flexibility, support options and cost, this white paper will enable you to make an informed decision about the best option for you.

An investigation into suitable platforms for Magento


This paper contains the results of ForLinux's primary research into the performance of the popular E-commerce platform, Magento, running across a range of infrastructures. Read our results on how the software performs on an AWS solution, a ForLinux Cloud solution and a dedicated box.

Integrating Amazon Web Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows you to utilise Amazons massive server infrastructure without having to consider set up costs, hardware failures, network scalability or redundant hardware.

Your definitive guide to SSL Certificates


This guide has been produced by the technicians at ForLinux and provides a full breakdown to the certificates available along with detailed information to enable you to make an informed choice about the most suitable certificate for your requirements.

Infrastructure options for social media applications


This paper provides a complete overview by considering the developmental factors, including the Application life-cycle, the technical implications associated with unpredictable demand and finally, the financial considerations of the various infrastructure options available.

Best Practices for File Editing on the Command line


This paper has been produced by our technicians at ForLinux and is intended to offer some guidance on how to best approach changing files on the command line.

Cloud server v dedicated server


Should you host your next application on cloud servers or should you continue to host your application on dedicated servers?  Before answering this question, it is worth defining both Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers.

Server Migration – Hints, tips and planning considerations.


This white paper contains a step by step guide to the achieving a smooth server migration. Written by the Linux technicians at ForLinux, the paper covers everything from Auditing your existing server through to switching over the DNS.

Shell scripting with Bash


This white paper will outline a handful of useful tools that can be found on most Linux systems, give you a introduction to shell scripting with Bash, and provide you with a few examples of scripts that you may find useful with minimal customisation required.

The Php mailing function


It is a common requirement of websites to communicate via email. Whether it is an order confirmation for a customer, alerting the site administrators to an event, or simply transporting messages between machines, the PHP mail function underlies it all. This paper is a guide to the mail function; how it works, what it needs to work, and how you can easily implement it.

Managing your Firewall with APF and BFD


Advanced Policy Firewall (APF), along with its companion application Brute Force Detection (BFD), are two useful security tools developed by R-fx Networks Projects which can help defend your server from attack. This white paper outlines the process of installing and configuring both APF and BFD and how best to utilise these tools to protect your on-line environment.

Installing from Source v package management


This paper provides a step by step guide to installing software from Source as oppose to Package Management. The paper also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each method of installation, as well as explaining some possible pitfalls to avoid.

Effective use of subversion and version control


Subversion is a widely used version control system for electronic documents. This white paper provides an overview of how to effectively manage SVN repositories and investigates how it can be used to aid the development process.

Reducing and controlling SPAM


This white paper outlines some simple, yet effective measures to reduce the amount of SPAM entering your system and some useful counter measures that can be implemented at server level.  This paper is aimed at system administrators who manage Linux servers and have an understanding of Linux command line.

Utilising a proxy server


This white paper has been written by our expert technicians and is full of helpful hint and tips enabling you to gain maximum benefit from your proxy server.

File permissions and defining user permissions


This white paper discussing the use of basic file permissions, and how user permissions can be fine tuned further by Access Control Lists.

Php4 to Php5 - The benefits of making the switch


This White paper has been produced by our qualified technicians to outline the principle differences and highlight the potential benefits of upgrading to Php5.

Scaling Apache, MySQL and PHP


This is a short post on the basic principles of scaling your Apache PHP MySQL based hosted website.

Amazon Web Services - The simple guide to getting started


This White paper has been produced as a step by step guide to assist you in the creation of a simple web server running in the AWS Cloud.

Detecting and preventing server hacks


This White paper has been produced by our Linux experts to help you identify possible intrusions and to outline the best practices for preventing potential attacks.

Password Security


This White paper has been produced as a guide to help you in the creation of more secure passwords and therefore contribute to the overall protection of your data.

Utilising MySQL replication


This paper describes the principles of MySQL replication and how it can be used to further your data availability and reliability.

MySQL Server hosting


Tuning MySQL Dedicated Servers in a hosting environment can be a can of worms. This script -

will help diagnose possible configuration issues.

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